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At Phoenix Welding,
we offer a wealth of experience,
coupled with an excellent record for on-time service.

Thank you for visiting our website.  We would like to tell you a little about our company.

Although we have only been incorporated since 1985, our key personnel and management team have been in the mechanical trades since the early 1960's.  Through our practical experience, we offer the unique ability to work in non-conventional circumstances.

Our fields of specialties include code and non-code process and power piping systems for the petroleum, pulp and paper, pharmaceutical, petro-chemical and power generating industries.

We commonly retro-fit petroleum storage tanks to the latest environmental standards and to the American Petroleum Institute Std. 653.  These projects include tank bottom replacement and "double bottom" installations.

We also feature marine unloading facilities with piping distribution systems, the fabrication and installation of truck loading structures and piping systems, additive pump and injection components through vapor recovery and blending systems.   We are a full service contractor to the petroleum industry.

We have a great deal of experience in the layout and installation of fire prevention systems.  This includes automatic deluge systems at loading facilities and fixed storage tanks.

In addition, we offer the following credentials:

We are ASME, API & D.O.T. certified welders,
with a fully equipped mobile welding fleet

We have authorization stamps "A" - "PP" - "R" - "U'

We have CADD Auto Release 14 capabilities

We are responsive to your needs and fully aware of Code Requirements

We believe in the "Down East" Maine work ethic

We are experienced in working with rigid time constraints, especially production outages or "shut downs"

References are available upon request

We offer the right equipment to complete each job
correctly and efficiently including:

4 - 12,000LB Capacity Boom Trucks
8000LB Capacity Extended Lift Forklift
Portable Welding Machines
Track Burner - Straight and for Tanks
TD Williams Hot Tap Machine - up to 12 inches
Plasma Cutter

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We are YOUR complete source for Mechanical Contracting


Phoenix Welding
557 Riverside Street, Portland, Maine 04103
207-797-5832 (phone)
* 207-797-5893 (fax)
E-Mail Address: djohnson@phoenixwelding.com

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