We are a full service ASME Industrial Mechanical Contracting Company.  We specialize in industrial and process piping, as well as repairs for a variety of industries including petroleum distribution, power generating industries, pulp and paper manufacturing, chemical and pharmaceutical firms.  Our tank division has over 30 years of experience and history of quality work.  


Our quality commitment helps our customers meet their requirements for material traceability and welding certifications.  Providing that documentation is not something we do because you ask, it is our standard operating procedure.

  • Petroleum piping distribution systems

  • Marine unloading facilities

  • Tank farm modifications

  • Rack loading facilities

  • Foam systems

  • Tank repairs

  • Tank bottoms & roofs

  • Catwalks, handrails, stairs and platforms

  • Shop fabrication / Pre-fabricated skids

  • Consulting work

  • ASME and API code work

  • 24/7 Emergency and shutdown work

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Industrial and Process Piping

A large part of our business is industrial and process piping. With over 30 years of quality experience, we are proud to be ASME, API and DOT certified. We work closely with: 

  • petroleum distribution

  • power generating industries

  • pulp and paper manufacturing

  • chemical and pharmaceutical firms

Fabricated Skid Packages


We provide our clients with a high level of expertise and experience in the fabrication and installation of skids, on time, and on budget. Phoenix Welding can ship to anywhere in the US and Canada and is code compliant with ASME, state and local requirements. We have a proven history of working with:

  • metering skids
  • injection skids
  • pump skids
  • loading skids

Energy Infrastructure at Work

Energy storage tank farms throughout the Northeast.

High Purity Systems

Food and Beverage industry

  • Valve Clusters
  • Skid Systems
  • Piping for CIP tubing
  • Stainless Steel catwalks